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Štai keletas mūsų rėmėjų, dotacijų finansuotojų, aukotojų ir kitų organizacijų, su kuriomis bendradarbiaujame žmonių, kuriems padedame, labui. Vertiname juos visus ir dirbdami kartu su kitais galime pasiekti daugiau.

Our classes are funded for Ukrainian refugees predominantly, but we hope to run wider

classes open to all in the near future. 

To register for classes you can contact Anna on or call us on 01733 735563


Angela - "I especially want to note the English lessons, the friendly atmosphere and new knowledge. Thanks a lot." 

Lesya - "English courses are actually the best I've ever met. This is really an A* teacher. Explains everything very clear and easy."

"It was the most useful course. Everything is clear and to the point."

Maryana - "I visited English lessons from this organisation. I really excited, because I see progress. Thanks a lot to my teacher."

Ira - "Many thanks to the centre for their care, humanity, and help. Language plays an important role in adaptation." 

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