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Iată câțiva dintre sponsorii noștri, finanțatorii de granturi, donatorii și alte organizații alături de care lucrăm în beneficiul oamenilor pe care îi ajutăm. Îi apreciem pe toți și lucrând împreună cu alții, putem obține mai mult.

Join Us for Weekly Training Sessions -

3-5pm Saturdays (Starting 27th April)

Gladstone Community Centre Pitch

927 Bourges Blvd, Peterborough PE1 2AN

We named our team H.E.L.P Hornets and

 our team kit was kindly sponsored by

a local company called Microbyte.

Our team is made of individuals from a 

variety of countries including Afghanistan,

Iran, Sudan, Iraq and Kuwait. 


We are arranging some friendly matches 

against other local teams.

HELP Hornets vs Peterborough Saints Development Team

20th Sept 2023  

Our team played a great game for our first ever match. 4 goals in (but 2 were offside). End result was 3/2, welldone to Peterborough Saints and

thanks to all the guys for a strong effort in the pouring rain!

HELP Hornets vs Peterborough Saints FC

4th Oct 2023

The team played a strong match, great tackling and possession of the ball. A few goals saved, but none scored, end result was 2/0.


HELP Hornets vs DWFC

22nd Oct 2023  

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