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  • Trained professionals

  • Working in trauma informed way

  • Multi faceted approach

  • Small gender based groups

  • Longer term healing

We have been running a Trauma Assistance Programme, helping refugees who have experienced traumatic life events and are struggling with their mental health. 

Working carefully, with trained professionals, this 6 month programme involved one to one support 

and small group work. Individuals can be referred by other local organisations or approach us

directly. We have limited places for this programme, in order to keep groups small. 

Working with Cambridgeshire Expressive Arts and Counselling Centre C.I.C, we held small group art therapy sessions each week, building on the weeks before to help with healing from trauma and mental health issues, with an aim of longer term improvement.


Our approach is to use several different ways to help with trauma, including art therapy, counselling and wellbeing sessions.  


The programme began on 7th December and ran until

May 2023. 

Below is some of the artwork and photos from the programme.

Please email us on to obtain a referral form for this mental wellbeing programme. 

Or call us on 01733 735563 to discuss in more detail.

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