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HELP  Family Reunion Study by UCL

We are currently assisting with helping Andrea with her study, looking at the longer-term resettlement of mothers who come to the UK on Family Reunion visas. She is interested in their experiences and day to day lives. If you are a mother, who came to the UK on such a visa, you could help with this work.  

Contact Andrea on to take part in the study.


Click here to read more on her website

HELP  Trauma Occupational Therapy

We have contributed to a Occupational therapy research project with specialist Donna Guest, who has over 20 years experience in working with people with special needs and adults with trauma. She assists us with seeing refugees who have experienced trauma and need support with recovery. This project was presented at the ISIC international conference. 

Click here to read the summary 

HELP  with medical barriers project

One of our founders took part in a research day for a combined project by Anglia Ruskin University, EELGA Strategic Migration Partnership and The Red Cross. Funded by C.P.I.C.S, Researchers in Migration and Development, working for ARU, invited local refugee organisations to help with research on a project to discover the barriers for refugees to take part in medical research. The aim is to try to ensure refugees are better represented in research findings and also benefit from medical professional understanding.

HELP  Project O (Key Theatre)

Our service users got involved in contributing to the show's research, giving their experiences at workshops and in-depth interviews, for use in the show. We had a fundraiser before the show and then charity staff and service users enjoyed being part of the audience. 

HELP  with ARU Media Project

Tom, a media student with ARU approached us to support with producing a film about our work and refugee experiences in the UK. You can watch some of it here.

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